About me: Paul Witteman

After more than 30 years in the field of program and project management, a few things stand out. A substantial number of projects still fail completely or partially. There are countless lessons learned reports, lists with success factors, regular risk analyzes, we start improvement programs or professionalization programs, but all of that is no guarantee of success.It remains difficult to predict whether a project will be successful or is going to fail.

So the management questions remain relevant and always topical: how do we really do it?Do I now know what exactly are the weak spots for my project and what my conditions for success are? Can we compare projects and get them out of what are the decisive factors? Are we complete in our risk analyzis? How can I increase chances of success? What should I focus on in my organization now?

As an experienced program manager at the executive level with a strong interest and experience in developing program and project management, I want to share my knowledge and experience in improving the chances of success of programs and projects.

To help answer these important questions, based on my experience and thinking about the subject of program and project management, I designed a complete and compact sight glass, which can be used to show the status of a project: DYSC. A scan with 20 score areas covering all aspects of your project.

Essential in my approach is that no one has the wisdom to rent and no one can see everything. Only by bringing together images of many at different times, we increase the chance that we will really see the relevant one.

Completing the 20 questions will only take a few minutes.

Everything aimed at timely discovery of what are currently relevant factors in this situation for the success or failure of our project.

Interested in Do You See Clearly? Contact us and request a demo.

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