Assistance with the design and implementation and/or supervision of a project break

At some point, there is often a need for a project break out or evaluation meeting to jointly discuss important issues and/or approach to a project. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at the beginning or in the meantime. It is important that the really important matters are discussed. Of course there are always ideas and issues that can shape the agenda, but are we not overlooking anything? Or what has real priority to discuss? How do we know this, how do we collect the topics in a structured and efficient way that does not take much time, but in a way in which everyone can provide their input.

Using DYSC you can easily collect all input, which is presented directly in a structured way to the 20 score areas of DYSC. You can do this in advance, but also at the start of project break out. After discussion of topics and a joint approach formulated, you can do another DYSC at the end, and then the report will immediately indicate to what extent people think that the project is in better shape with this approach and has a better chance of success. You can also see immediately whether there are still issues that have not yet received enough attention. Later you can repeat DYSC to see if images are shifting, have actions and agreements from project break out worked or is there a reason to meet again. We can not only have DYSC carried out, but can also help with the design and implementation and/or supervision of such a project break out.

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