What and for whom can you use DYSC?

You can apply DYSC for every program, project, subproject or whatever you call it and with which method (Prince, Agile, Lean, etc.) DYSC is for anyone who has questions about their project.

For everyone involved: what is the current picture of what is good or bad about our project, do we see the risk impact areas for coming phases sharply and with the right detail, how do we collect lessons learned effectively at the end of a project or after a phase? And above all: what do we not see in the progress reports, issue lists, risk lists and lessons learned?

And besides:

For project or program managers: does my team have the same view of our project or programme, am I well equipped for this project or programme?

For portfolio managers: what are the differences between the programs and projects in my portfolio?

For project sponsors and executives: what are the specific signals for me as a responsible manager for my role in the project?

For senior management, supervisors and auditors: what are additional signals for specific parts and management roles of my organization?

DYSC can be performed in different ways depending on need.

  1. Ad hoc at a certain moment and/or circumstance to get a one-off picture of the status of a project.
  2. Regularly during the life course of a project to constantly discover what the current situation is and how it develops during the life course.
  3. As part of a project break out or evaluation meeting. See Workshop.
  4. Finally, also for personal counseling on how you fit in with a project. Based on the image of the project, we can discuss your strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to the question posed by the project. See Personal Counseling.

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