Is your project under control?
Do you know the success factors of your project?
How do you improve the success rate of your project?

Do you doubt the health of your project?

Do you know the weak spots of your project? What are the conditions for success? Can you compare your projects and discover what the decisive factors for success are? Are you complete in your risk analysis? And is it possible to be complete?
Each manager worries about his project from time to time and asks himself these questions from time to time.

After a more than 30 years career as programme & project manager I observe a number of things. A significant number of projects still fail, despite risks assessments, despite lessons learned. Prediction of success and predict which conditions are relevant are difficult to make. The reasons for failure or success are looking incomparable and difficult to consolidate. Also lessons learned reports are hard to combine and to consolidate. Improvement plans are hard to assess on effectiveness and on benefits and progress.

So a number of management questions remain valid:

how perform our projects really, which projects fail more, can we compare projects? Do we know our criteria for success, are we complete in our risk analysis? Do we improve in success rate of our projects, can we predict success or failure?

So can we confirm the question: Do You See Clearly?

DYSC enlarges insight

For helping to answer this question based on my experience and thinking about the profession of programme & project management I developed a comprehensive and compact looking glass: DYSC. A scan with 20 score area’s that covers all aspects of your project.

Important in our approach is the conviction that nobody in his own has the ability to see all. Only by collecting views from around we improve our probability to discover the decisive and relevant topics.

Executing the DYSC only takes a couple of minutes for the 20 questions to answer.

All aimed on discovering in time what for your programme or project and in your specific circumstances determines success or failure.

So if you still have that annoying continuous feeling: am I sure that my project is running well, do I know in time when something goes wrong and undermines success, are approach and circumstances solid for success?

Then you should look further on DYSC or contact us and ask for demo.

The benefits of DYSC

User Friendly

Easy entry of new projects and send participation invites

Available on PC, tablet and mobile

Reports instant available


Different types of change frameworks possible

Question lists for classic project management and agile pre-installed

Other frameworks can be added on request


Simple and clear

Instant available

Scores presented sorted by date and role or position participants

Price Friendly

Price per project by agreement

Subscription possible

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