Agile and/or projects: Are projects in the Agile world possible?

A bit strange title, because what does this suggest? Is there a contradiction or not, or can it be combined?

In the Agile world, the word ‘project’ has been banned and ‘project managers’ would no longer be needed. The word ‘project’ no longer occurs in SAFe. At meetings there is talk about ’traditional projects’, whereby various characteristics of Waterfall projects are mentioned in the same breath.

On the other hand, you can take Agile Project Management courses and read books about it. In the courses and meetings, Waterfall projects are compared with Agile projects.

The confusion sometimes seems complete. Or do we just mean something different when we use words like agile and projects…more


Project successful or failed: who says that?

It seems like such a simple question: did the project succeed or fail? Usually you get the answer: was it delivered within time and budget? If yes, then passed. In my view, this is a very and even too narrow view of this question. To answer the question properly, it is necessary to know who is asking the question and what his or her intention or expectation was with the project….




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